SANCT EP May 22, 2012 [Video]

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How Do I Say Hi After My Hiatus?!
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Eddie Long Lyrics [SANCT EP]

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sanct ep cover

ain’t no big deal / pretty typical mischievous teen but / breath of fresh air steppin on the scene but / nice guy but sometimes i did mean stuff to my own sisters / pretty much clean cut / only angelic in presence, far away from heaven / no control of my tongue, quick to get irreverent / smoked enough cigarettes and blunts to kill a reverend / by may 17, 1997 / lied to my people, told them i graduated / kept all the gifts, guilt left me agitated / threw away all i built as a journalist / hard-headed telling myself i could rap and make it / new i coulda shoulda woulda been doing both / but chose to do the most / trying to stunt my growth / battled through emotions / hid behind a song / i’ma cast my stones at eddie long
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Soon and Very Soon [SANCT EP]

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For the Nobody Who Knows (dap)


SANCT EP [produced by Reggie Coby] mp3’s, Better 2 Be video, pins, stickers, foldout posters, CD’s, vinyl, shirts, other shirts, instrumentals, acapellas, remixes and more THANK YOUs coming soon!


If I Had A Son Lyrics

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excerpted from If I Had A Son
by Third Root x Bavu Blakes x DJ Ninja
[audible any day now…]

if i had a son

attention mr. zimmerman where are you
don’t wanna argue i’m praying for you its hard to
you’re in trouble or should be i betcha scared too
but how could you and how dare you
yea dude please tell me something i don’t know
y’probably can’t though, so wheres our hope and our faith go
[5] could the lord be using you george to say sumpn deep
could it be time to reawaken us from dumb sleep
the clearer i see its harder to act poised
[4] you’re in the minority of who’s killing black boys
now if we add up the stats of latinos and blacks
that’s murdered with gats [3] it’s way more than iraq
who even knows that who remembers to care
how can we step out there after we’re made aware
it ain’t glamorous it’ll probably never bring us fame
but turning away from the truth is a damn shame
now back to you georgie i ain’t forgot about ya
come up outcha house [2] i’d probably slap the snot up outcha
it’s not a solution i know but it is a start
apparently you made a martyr so you played your part
you probably know that god’s gonna deal wit you regardless
you and your damaged heart, assuming u have a heart
took a young life its bad enough to damage one
uhh, minister blakes, by the way i have a son,
six months old, we named him [1] ellison

NickNack feat Crew54 and Bavu Blakes – The Time Next

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nicknack state machine lp

third verse lyrics below…

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Premium Pre-order Packages Available Now [SANCT EP]

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Austin Release Party and Video Premiere [SANCT EP]

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Saturday, March 31 in the Casual City