Bavu Blakes’ Summer Vacation

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8 years ago, I was featured on the cover of the Austin Chronicle about a year after being voted Best Hip Hop Artist. I’d never solicit votes for such a thing, but I’d been working at a fervent pace around the state for a few years. So it may have been well-earned, if not by actual votes.


Now the local weekly’s Chase Hoffberger has posted a piece about “Summer Saturday Songs” on their Earache blog. Click the cover above, or read the snippet below… (dap)

“Last Saturday, Blakes released his first new single in more than 26 months. “Summer Saturday Songs” drops an Arson Optics-produced track that’s a lively, up-tempo ode to doing dad things with your wife and toddler. He’s getting haircuts, making breakfast, mowing the lawn, and enjoying the occasional day off, everything he appreciates now that the bulk of his time is occupied by 7th grade students at nearby Decker Middle School.

“Summer is when I get to have fun with my family,” agrees Blakes, just back from a brief visit to Mojoe’s Easy Lee in Atlanta.

“There’s also this certain aesthetic. Normally, summer Saturdays are a multi-generational affair, whether it’s a birthday, cookout, family reunion, or some time at the lake. All those things are the same scenario to me, a scenario most people associate with a good, positive part of their life.”


Summer Saturday Songs [Lyrics]

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Summer Saturday Songs x 3
Summer Saturday, Wake up

sss cover

Good morning america, me and sonny boy go & get a haircut / I’m afraid there may not be enough hours today, nothing to be scared of / maybe breakfast the misses prepared us, homemade biscuits from scratch pull a chair up / fresh fruit and eggs I’ma tear up, head upstairs have a hemotional flare up / unaware of what’s in store just rest no plans, could smoke a couple birds out back and / watch El dig his hands in the dirt, throw it in his hair, rub it in his shirt / first clean up cut grass get a car wash, hard in the paint bavu’s not bosh / shoot, let’s go outside & jam a bunch of these in the ride…

A bunch of Summer Saturday Songs / can’t get enough of Summer Saturday Songs / play me some other Summer Saturday Songs / I love my Summer Saturday Songs

Might as well shine while the sun stays out for a long time / even with all the ills of our nation, I can still feel full appreciation / playing one of these, I ain’t even trippin’ off a humid summer breeze, happy to be human, mentally / at ease, knowing life ain’t easy, ready to fight like I know the world needs me / no day jobbing today, what a blessing, recharging, what a refreshment / no pressure, just fresher, so precious, no messing with us, no stressors / let’s hit a birthday party or a show or the lake or an outlet mall, let’s go / we can fly kites, ride bikes, we can bowl, talk to the wife about goals, jamming that sooooooouuuuuuul…

A bunch of Summer Saturday Songs / can’t get enough of Summer Saturday Songs / play me some other Summer Saturday Songs / I love my Summer Saturday Songs

Come out the house strictly sharp, crispy starch, dry clean creased with a shop fresh fade / phone going off, I missed 3 calls, seizing the day with my boy and my babe / feeling fine and great, summer Saturday / created a genre around that, wow a family reunion soundtrack / young buck, school’s out, never mind finals, grownups feel the needle on some old vinyl / pull the lever on your favorite recliner, crank the a/c up higher / be my guest, just let your iced tea digest, type of day I might beat my chest, ahh, yesss

Summer Saturday Songs x3
I love my Summer Saturday Songs

Tick Tock [Lyrics]

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notice how time stands still / when you’re running from an automatic weapon and it’s real / or maybe you have no idea / but i can make it happen with this right here / leave you layin’ on the street underneath beef / can’t blame neither meek mill nor chief keef / they say guns don’t kill people, people do / but people can’t do what a street sweeper do / the president said terrorism is a threat / but terrorists haven’t hit this number yet / been a decade and change out in iraq / but right here in the states way more bodies stack / i got a nuke bomb in my living room / the irony’s killing me, killing you / most unfortunate element of hip hop / not a click clack, but a tick tock
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Tick Tock Video

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Tick Tock

A Pentecostal preacher sanctioned me to make my first gangsta rap record.

SANCT EP May 22, 2012 [Video]

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How Do I Say Hi After My Hiatus?!
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Eddie Long Lyrics [SANCT EP]

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sanct ep cover

ain’t no big deal / pretty typical mischievous teen but / breath of fresh air steppin on the scene but / nice guy but sometimes i did mean stuff to my own sisters / pretty much clean cut / only angelic in presence, far away from heaven / no control of my tongue, quick to get irreverent / smoked enough cigarettes and blunts to kill a reverend / by may 17, 1997 / lied to my people, told them i graduated / kept all the gifts, guilt left me agitated / threw away all i built as a journalist / hard-headed telling myself i could rap and make it / new i coulda shoulda woulda been doing both / but chose to do the most / trying to stunt my growth / battled through emotions / hid behind a song / i’ma cast my stones at eddie long
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Soon and Very Soon [SANCT EP]

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For the Nobody Who Knows (dap)


SANCT EP [produced by Reggie Coby] mp3’s, Better 2 Be video, pins, stickers, foldout posters, CD’s, vinyl, shirts, other shirts, instrumentals, acapellas, remixes and more THANK YOUs coming soon!


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