Tick Tock [Lyrics]

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notice how time stands still / when you’re running from an automatic weapon and it’s real / or maybe you have no idea / but i can make it happen with this right here / leave you layin’ on the street underneath beef / can’t blame neither meek mill nor chief keef / they say guns don’t kill people, people do / but people can’t do what a street sweeper do / the president said terrorism is a threat / but terrorists haven’t hit this number yet / been a decade and change out in iraq / but right here in the states way more bodies stack / i got a nuke bomb in my living room / the irony’s killing me, killing you / most unfortunate element of hip hop / not a click clack, but a tick tock
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Tick Tock Video

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Tick Tock

A Pentecostal preacher sanctioned me to make my first gangsta rap record.

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