Miami’s to Lose [NBA Finals Review]

06/22/2012 § 3 Comments

they say defense wins championships

and miami defended their right to be nba champs

2012 was miami’s to lose, just like last year

but this time they won instead

and the best player on earth finally has the highest honor

lebron james finished another mvp season with a royal playoff run

and he finished with a triple-double, leaving no stone unturned

durant cries

where was [my favorite player] james harden?

what stone was he under for most of this series?

would his beard stick out a little from under that stone?

hopefully harden has a great support system

if not, this could be a hard blow to his chin

this experience could harden his heart

he went from sixth man of the year to…

miami didn’t fear the beard, they cut it off

and where wasn’t lebron james?

even when he walks up the court,

he’s on an 8-minute mile pace

and even if everyone keeps critiquing him

he doesn’t care right now

lebron’s team just won a championship


we oklahoma city fans are hurt

and so is our fearless leader kevin durant

he didn’t bawl, but cried with his mama while making $70k

like he makes every day, according to forbes magazine

and everyone can keep critiquing russell westbrook

and he can act like he doesn’t care

until he wins a championship


they say you have to lose before you win an nba finals

okc was inspiring in defeat, and they can win next year

miami will be defending their championship

this year’s title was theirs to lose again

but they won, and okc lost instead

so next summer we may see the running of the bulls

or hopefully a thunder storm

but most likely, it’ll be another heat wave.


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§ 3 Responses to Miami’s to Lose [NBA Finals Review]

  • ghettomanga says:

    Like you, I really saw this season’s championship as theirs to lose. Unlike last season, I picked Miami to win it all this year before the season started. OKC was the only real threat I could see this year.

    Dallas gave up the trophy before the season started. Boston didn’t do anything to get better, and Chicago wasn’t ready yet either, just like Miami wasn’t ready last year. My team (San Antonio) is in flux, I think.

    But this isn’t about any of them guys. Hats off to the Heat and their fans. They’re the champions this year.

  • Bavu says:

    Chicago will probably never be ready without D. Rose

    • ghettomanga says:

      Even had Rose been healthy, I did not see them beating Miami this year. It would have been a fun series to watch (if you like lots of defense and hard fouls), but there’s too many weapons in Miami. I think Chicago’s coach is better, but they are a couple steps away, I think.

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