SANCT EP May 22, 2012 [Video]

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How Do I Say Hi After My Hiatus?!
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Eddie Long Lyrics [SANCT EP]

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sanct ep cover

ain’t no big deal / pretty typical mischievous teen but / breath of fresh air steppin on the scene but / nice guy but sometimes i did mean stuff to my own sisters / pretty much clean cut / only angelic in presence, far away from heaven / no control of my tongue, quick to get irreverent / smoked enough cigarettes and blunts to kill a reverend / by may 17, 1997 / lied to my people, told them i graduated / kept all the gifts, guilt left me agitated / threw away all i built as a journalist / hard-headed telling myself i could rap and make it / new i coulda shoulda woulda been doing both / but chose to do the most / trying to stunt my growth / battled through emotions / hid behind a song / i’ma cast my stones at eddie long
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Soon and Very Soon [SANCT EP]

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For the Nobody Who Knows (dap)


SANCT EP [produced by Reggie Coby] mp3’s, Better 2 Be video, pins, stickers, foldout posters, CD’s, vinyl, shirts, other shirts, instrumentals, acapellas, remixes and more THANK YOUs coming soon!


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