NickNack feat Crew54 and Bavu Blakes – The Time Next

03/28/2012 § Leave a comment

nicknack state machine lp

third verse lyrics below…

my dear my dear my dear you do not know me but i know you
very well but let me tell you bout the feelings i have for you
i try to make some sort of attempt,
then i watch it go through
one ear and out the other digested quicker than produce
is it just my imagination running away with me or
can we make a deal baby jimmy diddy or lyor
first we gotta meet up to be acquainted before
we part of the same story winnie the pooh and eeyore
been lookin for my honey and finally figure i found her
i offered her some flowers and no it didn’t astound her
impress her or wow her she look at me like i’m stupid
at least that’s how i pictured it if i woulda pursued it
but i didn’t i simply daydreamed it by being smitten
before she could even wish me good riddance i had this written
in the utter majesty of the sea there’s otha fish-es
as much as i love fish and chips there’s other dishes
since discipline is my mission i bury my head in scripture
i know you need a minister more than you need a mister
memories start to fade unless you edit and render
then my savior came back three days later, return to sender


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