Better 2 Be Lyrics [SANCT EP]

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featuring B.L.A.X.Smith on the hook and second verse… BETTER 2 BE is Track 4 on the upcoming SANCT EP


Written by L. Smith & B. Blakes, haaanh

A seed originally planted in 2009 [ the 25th second of the 10th minute of THIS ] grew into this hook delivered by B.L.A.X.Smith. I’m pretty sure my wife was out of town when Sade dropped her first single in a decade or so, Soldier of Love.

When Soldier of Love dropped, I immediately started dreaming of lyrics and rushing to where I knew someone could record them. I wanted to remix that song Wes Sanders style by morning. [ And Tif had to have been out of town, because in my verse I blatantly mentioned the life-changing late night West Texas blizzard we’d recently driven through in a Celica. ]

When I got to the Treehouse, aka Burro Magic’s crib, he and Smith didn’t look at me crazy. They were up, and they asked if they could record on it too. I said yes. But I finished mine that night, and had a good enough version to show for it by morning. Burro went to town on the arrangement. On short notice, no less (dap).

I didn’t do much with it besides put it on a podcast I did at Matt’s house shortly after that, and randomly email it to FWMJ and V-Zilla. Because.

Smith never let go of that one line from the Soldier of Love Fleaux — that one bar, those four counts, 11 words “and if you know you’re blessed / then what’s better to be”.

So eventually I sent him a beat and challenged him to make a hook out of it. This challenge came about a year after that late night session, by the time I was settling into Long Beach life, running 10K’s for breakfast and putting together what would become the 2012 SANCT EP produced entirely by Reggie Coby. Which, by the way, is coming out in ohhh… 10 weeks! « Read the rest of this entry »


What Had Happened Was

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Revisiting a grand weekend in Austin, Texas. Many thanks to DJ Chorizo Funk, Riders Against the Storm, Da’Shade Moonbeam and of course The Nobody Who Knows (dap)


Church of the Living Body in effect (dap)

My son got to visit with most of his grandparents. I got to eat my parents’ food, and also steal away to Austin for 40-something hours. I ate Love Veggies at Magnolia Cafe, and some Kim Phung. I got to visit with Matt Sonzala on the eve of his birthday. And above all, I got to fellowship with lotsa folks at the All Rise Event on Sunday night. Check this out… « Read the rest of this entry »

This Sunday In Austin

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Been a studio guy for a while, haven’t done a show since the
Big Pooh joint at Key Club last May. But alas, time to exhort…

ALL RISE, as recommended by Austin360 (dap) this Sunday 1/15/12.
[ photo by ricardo braziell ]

For the Nobody Who Knows, we’ll be live with the Extra Plairs, led by D-Madness, shooting videos and such.

Perfect Sivion Innerview

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Sivion’s 2006 Spring of the Songbird LP gets lots of play to this very day at BavuBlogs headquarters, and even in our Accord and Camry. It’s that banging soulful Hip Hop style popularized by groups like Slum Village, Common and Strange Fruit Project.

Sivion, who studied architecture at the University of Miami, has personalized the genre through his presence on the Dallas underground scene by adding two unique elements — his saxophone skills and his embrace of the Christian gospel. But he’s not the guy who only raps at churches, more like a man of the people.

I did a show with him around 2005 at the Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas, and have kept up with his music ever since. And even though I have three Sivion CD’s and a cassette of he and his twin brother’s old group, Phat Kats, something about the Spring of the Songbird LP stuck to my ribs.

This album has endured, and there’s always been something special about the song So Perfect produced by the ARE. I was playing it as I typed this, and my wife said “what song is that again? I like that one.”
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A Lovely Day 2.0

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Remember THIS?

Welp, thanks to the lady who brought Paul Wall all the way back to his 2004 People’s Champ form in 2011…
[ image jacked from ]

Courtesy of the same lady that wrote the hook that Erykah Badu re-sang with the Roots to win a y2K Grammy… We present to you, via her old label… « Read the rest of this entry »

BIG Bright Future

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The outcome of this relationship is so big time
Brighter than the Vegas strip
I’ve got a BIG Bright Future ahead of me!

first 200 downloads free ^ (dap)

Big Bright Future Lyrics

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Big Bright Future (a new year’s song)

[ God-willing, you’ll hear this song on Friday ]


set it off with a blessing in the message i’m like
everyday’s a holiday in the present time right
wrote a song about love no valentine
walk into the light no caroline
we rejoice when we sing no caroling
nevertheless note carrying yes
put my stamp on it when i express
first class neither second nor next best
first off i appreciate and give thanks
for my breath every morning knowin it stanks
blow it out keep it movin no stiff planks
still waters run deep except fishtanks
raps for the noonday and the midnight
check out my forecast that’s right big bright
hold steady no fluctuating now just you wait and seeĀ 
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