Listen, Austin

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You don’t have to “hat battle”.

You don’t have to drink beer.

But might you Love the Music?

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Back Stabbers

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The #1 Pop single Love Train was also on the Back Stabbers album (dap)

back stabbers

“(What they do!)
(They smile in your face)”…
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The Undisputed Truth

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This version reached 3rd on the Billboard 100, and was the only Top 40 Hit for The Undisputed Truth.

undisputed truth 45

Smiling Faces; sometimes they don’t tell the truth (dap)
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Remember Interviews?

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I did one, with a site called SocioSync. It got deep.

“SocioSync: What are 2 or 3 highlights that have really stood-out, in terms of victories that your company has had in your industry? Whether because of certain events you’ve had, or, because of any unique sponsorships, or endorsements, that you’ve managed to gain.

Bavu: Being an independent artist from a small Southern town, first I’d say success to me has been getting booked for the Austin City Limits Festival, headlining South by Southwest or the joint we did at the W Hotel with Blue October, Ghostland Observatory and the Dixie Chicks later that month.

Bavu: Second…”
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Eddie Long unmastered

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first 100 folks to click the arrow can have the mp3, to go (dap)

[ unmastered version from the upcoming SANCT EP ]
produced by Reggie Coby
bass by D-Madness
chorus vocals by Reggie Coby and Pam Okeke

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