Eddie Long at South by Southwest

03/25/2011 § 10 Comments

c/o the 54 reality show dot com

I just left Austin, Texas. Yet I’m headed back again.

Nevertheless, “it went down”. (c) Matt

[ Grown and Soulful ]

Maya Azucena is all over the world, but is still as sweet as the name Azucena implies. She hosted the Thursday night joint at 11th Street Station. #Community

Speaking of community…

Donald Glover was the opening act on Saturday night. Despite concurrent shows by Snoop Dogg and Diddy, Kanye and Jay-Z, Phranchyze, Gary Clark Jr. and even De La Soul, everybody at our Red 7 show pulled a crowd.
[ @BScoArt x @BavuBlogs ]

Brooks Scott did a live Nate Dogg painting during my Saturday night South by Southwest set. Fine art, indeed.


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§ 10 Responses to Eddie Long at South by Southwest

  • JC Rx says:

    Hey, man!
    Just checked out the “Eddie Long at SxSW” video…
    Glad to see and hear that you are still authentic!
    The vid looks really good, the music sounds great!
    Keep it up! Peace! ~ jc
    ☯ ~ ℞
    {ps I know you know me as a soundman (RudaDoodah, etc)
    but come check out my avant tracks at Reverbnation! ☮ }

  • Jenn says:

    i woke up to this… thank you.. this is so awesome =)
    songs that make you think.
    songs that make you grow.
    songs that you leave you wanting to be a better person.

    also great vid!

  • Missy B. says:

    Thank you for this! I needed to relive it just one more time! 🙂

  • Bavu says:

    thank the most high, and thank you, too!

  • Phillip says:

    Bavu, that song was HOT and you have a GREAT voice for Rap. I look forward to hearing and seeing more performances.

  • samax says:


    “If it made me sound good I would go record it.
    A whale in a toilet. Thought I was so important.
    Talkin’ on a cell phone I don’t even own,
    but I’ma cast MY stone at Eddie Long.

    Wanna feel better though I’m knowin’ I been deadly wrong,
    so I’m throwin’ my stone at Eddie Long.”

    A perfectly balanced joint.

  • […] video from the homie Bavu at SXSW. While your at it check out what Vooski has to say about the song here. Check out the video. Post some feedback and be on the look out for Bavu Blakes “Sanct” […]

  • Charles says:

    Bavu, I’ve been banging this hard since March. When/where can I cop it?

  • break sfl says:

    One of those songs I wish I wrote. Damn.
    Stay righteous

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