Andrae Van Buren Album

02/15/2011 § 7 Comments

Not Andrae Crouch, the gospel giant who got sampled tough for Strange Revival.
[ lookin boi ]

Not Andre Benjamin aka Dre3K of OutKast, who raps better than S. Carter and coined the phrase Everyday the 14th on The Love Below.
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But Andrae Van Buren, a Memphis-to-Austin transplant who mostly plays alto sax, and sometimes keys. His new album, Deep ….nough said is available here on iTunes.
drae album
[ deep ….lookin boi ]

Andrae Van Buren aka Nookie Coltrane showed up in the Casual City in 1999, and immediately hopped on stage. He’s played the most with D-Madness and Mojoe. I know him well, so I asked him a few questions after the album dropped.

drae two
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So here’s an mp3 of a hip hoppish joint off the album, followed by our Q-and-A from the other day (dap)

B: We used to talk about you doing a mixtape or album years ago. What made you decide to finally do an album?
A: It wasn’t planned by any means. I guess you could say GOD made that decision for me to do the album. There may still be a mixtape at some point, but who knows, we’ll see… The opportunity presented itself, so I ran with it and didn’t look back.

B: Who’d you work with on this?
A: George Pettus aka GP was the producer for the album. Also I had a track with Jon Keyzz, a track with Christopher (Shorti C) Edwards [mp3 above], and producer Patrick Thrasybule.

B: Who didn’t you work with, that you should have?
A: Pete Rock, Kev Brown, 9th Wonder, Oddisee, Little Brother, D-Madness, Dr. Dre, Vooski, DJ Jazzy Jeff, S1, Quincy Jones. Man, I could go on, way too many to list [fah-dum-toom-PSH!]. I WISH I HAD THE CHANCE TO WORK WITH DILLA.

B: What styles did you not cover on this disc that you tend to incorporate at a live show?
A: Reggae and definitely go-go. You’ll definitely catch me throwing that in.

B: How much of this project is Memphis, and how much is Austin?
A: I’d say this project is Memphis and NYC, with hints of Austin. Just a touch of the A, definitely M-Town and NYC thick though…

Bonus Question: Who is, hands down, one of the dopest musicians in America, that stays at your crib when he’s in Austin?
A: That would be Casey Benjamin, one of my best homies. He just happens to be one of the baddest all-around musicians that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.


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