Austin x MLK Wknd

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For the Nobody Who Knows…
This is Blaxsmith, who was kind enough to help me get around during a hectic three-day, three-night trek through the Casual City aka Austin, TX. We rolled around in Paula the Impala, hung out with his son a bit and basically grinded against time itself.

The first place we went after the hotel was Affordable Sound, to pick up a little merch…
Affordable Sound is an Austin staple for short-run merch, priced just above what it would cost to do it yourself. They really came through in the clutch for me with this run of promo cd’s and buttons for The Nobody Who Knows inside the Mohawk for Matt’s birthday later that night and outside Huston-Tillotson University on Monday for MLK Fest.
This is Willette, who hooked me up with my hotel room, and also sang background vocals with the Extra Plairs. Also known as Missus Madness, Willette did the dang fool the night I got in town, to the tune of turkey burgers I’d crush a kitten for. That was Saturday, January 15, the same night we stumbled across the new arrangement of “Paging Dr. King” in D’s Music Room, to be rehearsed by the whole band the following day at Music Lab on Oltorf.

On the eve of my departure, Willette also served fried chicken, red beans and greens, #lawdamercy. She’s a sweet, sweet lady from East Texas, just like my Missus is. I sincerely hope her Honey Hush Cafe gets off the ground, and soon.
When I come through Austin, one of the first people I see is Barbara Jordan, a statuesque lawyer and Delta who is obviously in deep thought, and has made quite a name for herself in the Casual City. The airport terminal is named after her, and the blurry lady in the foreground was rushing by so quickly she hardly noticed Ms. Jordan.

Another one of the first people I see in Austin is Delton. So it’s never long before I go to Pecan Street, home of one of America’s greatest barber’s. Look closely in the above photo, and you’ll see him on the phone, handling business as usual.
Look closely in the above photo, and you’ll again see him on the phone, handling business as usual…
And, here he is. Delton Southern, a New Orleans native I witnessed bounce between a couple of barbershops before starting his own in historic downtown Pflugerville. For a minute, the area that is now his shop was a bbq lounge, but now the smaller section that used to be the shop is a tattoo parlour. I was so glad to see Delton and get a proper cut, because my barbers in Long Beach have been ehh…

[Thankfully I found a good one in Carson shortly before publishing this.]

I tried to catch Delton my first day in town, but it was raining crazy and I really needed to go check on our house. Ugh. I rolled in shortly after opening time Sunday. I said it. Unlike most black barbershop’s, Delton is open seven days a week. You’d have to know the guy. He works. For the record, his favorite tunes on the Spring 2011 Collectors’ Edition are #8 “Grind Over Glory” and #9 “Love Her Like Fleaux”. Another Chalie Boy fan!

And last, but not least, this is Jon Deas, a low-key musical jedi who focuses on keys, drums and studio production. He was the first guy I saw at rehearsal on Sunday afternoon, though he’d come straight from his main gig at St. James on MLK. Deas, aka Jon Keyzz, is another guy I’m honored to work with consistently for the past several years. He’s put in work with Mojoe and Kemistry, to name just a couple, and dude is a master.

Stay tuned to the Blogs for a good look at our rehearsal, through the eyes of a real photographer!


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