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We are relocating to Long Beach, California, and will be back in full effect soon and very soon. Until then here’s some full-scale, adult entertainment.


Fine Art for Sale

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otc by kunal merchant

[ Fine Art by Kunal Merchant ]

It is an honor to have a leak/buzz release produced by Picnic and Symbolyc One (S1) of the Aeonz Crew, Cassette Union, Cannabinoids, Strange Fruit Project, Vohn Beatz, Diabolical Fancy, Max Moon and eventually the Grammys.

Fine Art In Effect

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We at BavuBlogs love some fine art.

So when something jumps out at us, we have to let you see it and know. Today’s featured fine art is the “Concealed Weapons” cover for a new mixtape by Austin, Texas, street-hop group the League of Extraordinary G’z.

concealed art

The beautiful thing about this CD cover art is that it brings the title, “Concealed Weapons“, to life and it avoids a generic rap CD look. This gives the impression that these artists are not your average rappers, and in a lot of ways they aren’t. So much respect to the Honest Ape at Big Bad Medium, a blog that acknowledges the importance of all the space between D.C. and Texas while posting some of my favorite music.

2.2.10::Link Basket

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[ In case you missed it, great music awaits you on BavuBlogs ]

The 54 Reality Show 2-02 featuring Aesop Rock, J. Cole and the Hip Hoptronic Haiti Relief Benefit

Objektive One puts hip hop in his own hands

Rhymesayers releases the best Stimulus Packaging ever for the new Freeway and Jake One LP

Fine Art happens, and Mos Def is involved again.

Mos Def: Ecstatic Moments (Photo Exhibition)

[ for example, this $38 white tee… ]

Mos Def Photo Tee Art

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Fine Art In Progress

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crg cover

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