Driver’s Side

the rear view mirror on my driver’s side was gone
all that was left was a stump and a few wires
it looked like maybe an 18-wheeler knocked it off
this dream was like a still photograph or a single video frame
you could zoom in and out, or pan side to side
there was no motion, just a picture

my first thought was “crap, i can’t afford to fix this today!”
but it was a dream, so technically there is nothing to pay for
i wondered, “who knocked my mirror off, and when?”
but it was a dream, so this is a subconscious or spiritual image
something was being communicated to me

my first interpretation, of course, was “don’t look back”
i’d be lying to say i haven’t been evaluating my past lately
my second take on the dream was “go forward”
and i know things have been changing in my life lately

i have a lot to look forward to
behind me are misunderstandings, betrayals, failures i’d rather not see
behind me are bright, proud and pivotal moments i can hardly see
with no rear view mirror, i can’t see them
i have to trust that nothing behind me is worth looking for
and if it’s going to catch up with me, then it is supposed to
and if it is still with me, then it is supposed to be

objects in the mirror are closer than they appear
so reality of self is nothing to fear
and should i even be in the driver’s seat?
my answer is “no, and yes”


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