Wifey Lyrics [SANCT EP]

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It’s an instrumental song. There are no lyrics :)

Thanks to BamaLoveSoul, and The Nobody Who Knows, for all the LOVE this week (dap)… SANCT EP Pre-order Season is Near!

Wifey: The Back Story [SANCT EP]

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I was never just a rap guy. In this stage of my life, I listen to quite a bit of instrumental Hip Hop [google "Odd Summer EP 2009"]. But I’m pretty sure Eric Morgan, who handled the post-production and editing on the Wifey video, would rather I not go into detail about that. So here’s the backstory.

back. story.

Wifey x Back x Story

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Wifey Video Shoot

07/10/2011 § 3 Comments

Track 5 on the Sanct EP is called Wifey.

Produced by Reggie Coby (LOEGz/Dred Skott), the Wifey joint features…
D-Madness (bass), Carter Arrington (guitar) and Jon Keyzz (keys, duh).

We wrapped a three-camera video shoot for it Saturday, July 3rd.

The Wifey raw screen test footage video trailer is way down below…

We found some under-utilized spots in the Laguna Beach area, specifically Wood Cove and Table Rock. Once the energy and waves started flowing, it all went by in a flash.
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ACL Live Music Video

05/08/2011 § 2 Comments

DVZN Media Dookie Vizion Productions presents…
more premium content in a short-form concert video. What a great year!
acl live joint
[ DVZN Media photo ]

Cameos (dap) from Grammy winning producer and guitarist Adrian Quesada (0:28) of Echocentrics, Ocote Soul Sounds, Brownout and Grupo Fantasma. Also from Reggie Coby (0:13), emcee/vocalist of Dred Skott/LOEGz and producer of my 2011 joint coming soon. Intro by Andy Langer ‘nem…
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March 31, 2011

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This happened. It went by fast.

amp preview
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Test, Check, Yao…

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Is this thing on?!

[ images by charles edward photography ]
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