March 31, 2011

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This happened. It went by fast.

amp preview
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Walking on Water

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Liquid Mountaneering, they call it…

also known as Walking on Water for sport. W.O.W! It’s gotta be the shoes (shrug)

Reminds me of this one song on “Rehab”, check it out…
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Leave Something Worthwhile

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The Relatives, fronted by Rev. Gean West.

Simple songwriting plus strong delivery. Lawdamercy!
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Couple Joints from D.C.

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I was born in D.C. …back when Let’s Get It On was the song…
[ photo by Sean Beasy lookin boi ]

I was born in Columbia Hospital two days after Nona Gaye, who was still the center of attention when I showed up. All that to say, I’ll always have a slight connection to D.C., bare minimum.

For the past couple of years, instrumental music from D.C. has been one of my favorite things. So here are some new ones from Apollo Brown, as well as the1978ers.
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Lovely Music

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This week, you get lovely sounds of Andrae Van Buren,
Porsche Smith and more…


Bruno x Bars

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Don’t try to fight it / There ain’t nothin’ that you can do

— Disco Mike

At first I was hesitant. Perhaps my pride kept me from reaching out. For years, I’ve had a mostly silent affinity for various “Christians who rap” in Texas — folks like Playdough, Sivion, L. Moore, The Warriors ATX, D-Kutz, etc…

To make a long story short, I hit up Bruno.
That’s Fred Bruno, or Freddie Bruno.
Not Bruno Mars, although I admire the hustle, the songwriting ability and a knack for writing hooks that could bring Shamu home for dinner.

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7 Shots from Dallas, Texas

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Below is the work of lifestyle photographer and great friend, Charles Reece of Charles Edward Photography. Sometime after midnight in the early morning hours of Saturday April 16, 2010, Chuck shot these and a few more. He is one of the Top 10 inspirations in my career, a good brother indeed and a primary contributor to BavuBlogs, in case you haven’t noticed yet.

Above is a clip of us performing Smiley Faces. Shoutout to S1 lol

[ Vooski daps Chucky Sly ]

This is me dapping up co-headliner Chucky Sly, not to be confused with Chuck Reece who captured these moments with his camera. Sly and I merged our sets by transitioning with “This Just In” (Special Edition). We also went straight to the studio from the show. He also lives less than an hour from me now, in Corona, California.

[ The Look of Love ]

The experience I had on this Dallas trip was basically the exact reason why I perform and record music. There were at least 200 people there, and they were noticeably from different segments of the community. I’d estimate that about five different “scenes” all came together to make this night go as well as it did.

[ In the Face of Adversity ]

Despite a nagging injury, I did my best. Two weeks prior, I had an abcess sliced open and stuffed with gauze to drain. Then I had to change the gauze several times per day. Now if I told you where the abcess was, or how when they shot the numbing agent through the needle into it, it felt like a blowtorch shooting up my — nevermind. Overall, I felt like my energy and focus were lacking at this show, but the audience wasn’t treating me that way.

So I played right along (dap)
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