Wifey Video Shoot

07/10/2011 § 3 Comments

Track 5 on the Sanct EP is called Wifey.

Produced by Reggie Coby (LOEGz/Dred Skott), the Wifey joint features…
D-Madness (bass), Carter Arrington (guitar) and Jon Keyzz (keys, duh).

We wrapped a three-camera video shoot for it Saturday, July 3rd.

The Wifey raw screen test footage video trailer is way down below…

We found some under-utilized spots in the Laguna Beach area, specifically Wood Cove and Table Rock. Once the energy and waves started flowing, it all went by in a flash.
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Can’t See It (demo)

07/06/2011 § 8 Comments

“I had to open my eyes to see Tifani…
[ Saturday, July 3 2011; Laguna Beach, kinda ]

…Look at you now, the mama of my kids to be”

The first 100 people to click the arrow pointing downward in the player can take the CSI demo to go (dap)
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ACL Live Music Video

05/08/2011 § 2 Comments

DVZN Media Dookie Vizion Productions presents…
more premium content in a short-form concert video. What a great year!
acl live joint
[ DVZN Media photo ]

Cameos (dap) from Grammy winning producer and guitarist Adrian Quesada (0:28) of Echocentrics, Ocote Soul Sounds, Brownout and Grupo Fantasma. Also from Reggie Coby (0:13), emcee/vocalist of Dred Skott/LOEGz and producer of my 2011 joint coming soon. Intro by Andy Langer ‘nem…
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March 31, 2011

05/04/2011 § Leave a comment

This happened. It went by fast.

amp preview
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Eddie Long at South by Southwest

03/25/2011 § 10 Comments

c/o the 54 reality show dot com

I just left Austin, Texas. Yet I’m headed back again.

Nevertheless, “it went down”. (c) Matt

[ Grown and Soulful ]

Maya Azucena is all over the world, but is still as sweet as the name Azucena implies. She hosted the Thursday night joint at 11th Street Station. #Community

Speaking of community…
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Test, Check, Yao…

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Is this thing on?!

[ images by charles edward photography ]
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Austin x MLK Wknd

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For the Nobody Who Knows…
This is Blaxsmith, who was kind enough to help me get around during a hectic three-day, three-night trek through the Casual City aka Austin, TX. We rolled around in Paula the Impala, hung out with his son a bit and basically grinded against time itself.

The first place we went after the hotel was Affordable Sound, to pick up a little merch…
Affordable Sound is an Austin staple for short-run merch, priced just above what it would cost to do it yourself. They really came through in the clutch for me with this run of promo cd’s and buttons for The Nobody Who Knows inside the Mohawk for Matt’s birthday later that night and outside Huston-Tillotson University on Monday for MLK Fest.
This is Willette, who hooked me up with my hotel room, and also sang background vocals with the Extra Plairs. Also known as Missus Madness, Willette did the dang fool the night I got in town, to the tune of turkey burgers I’d crush a kitten for. That was Saturday, January 15, the same night we stumbled across the new arrangement of “Paging Dr. King” in D’s Music Room, to be rehearsed by the whole band the following day at Music Lab on Oltorf.
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