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“The snapshot of your future is taken with the people of your present.”

– The People Factor

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Tell ‘em I’m Doing Fine…

03/28/2014 § 1 Comment speaking, of course.

This is my story, updated for maximum freshness (dap)

This is My Story

[Words by Nick Cremona, Photos by Anna Maria Hernandez]

Click Photo to Read “The Indie City’s Hip Hop Godfather

And if you know you’re blessed…

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…then what’s better to be?!



sketch by the mighty Samax of GhettoManga


Tick Tock [Lyrics]

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notice how time stands still / when you’re running from an automatic weapon and it’s real / or maybe you have no idea / but i can make it happen with this right here / leave you layin’ on the street underneath beef / can’t blame neither meek mill nor chief keef / they say guns don’t kill people, people do / but people can’t do what a street sweeper do / the president said terrorism is a threat / but terrorists haven’t hit this number yet / been a decade and change out in iraq / but right here in the states way more bodies stack / i got a nuke bomb in my living room / the irony’s killing me, killing you / most unfortunate element of hip hop / not a click clack, but a tick tock
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Tick Tock Video

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Tick Tock

A Pentecostal preacher sanctioned me to make my first gangsta rap record.

Miami’s to Lose [NBA Finals Review]

06/22/2012 § 3 Comments

they say defense wins championships

and miami defended their right to be nba champs

2012 was miami’s to lose, just like last year

but this time they won instead

and the best player on earth finally has the highest honor

lebron james finished another mvp season with a royal playoff run

and he finished with a triple-double, leaving no stone unturned

durant cries

where was [my favorite player] james harden?

what stone was he under for most of this series?

would his beard stick out a little from under that stone?

hopefully harden has a great support system

if not, this could be a hard blow to his chin

this experience could harden his heart

he went from sixth man of the year to…

miami didn’t fear the beard, they cut it off
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SANCT EP May 22, 2012 [Video]

04/29/2012 § 1 Comment

How Do I Say Hi After My Hiatus?!
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